Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning

More than 3 500 metal spinning molds

Metal Spinning CNC at your service. Our factory has an impressive METAL SPINNING CENTER, wich includes molds for mostly all sizes of project!. New molds can be fabricated for your custom needs. With a new CNC machine we are able to perform better your demands.

Let us know your needs in metal spin process , contact us.

Metal spinning CNC


We are now equiped with a CNC metal spinning that works up to 26″ diam.  in Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Cooper, Stainless Steel and Galvanized.  Our new equipment works for 1 mm Stainless Steel, 1.5 Steel  and 2.5 mm Aluminum.

Mostly 80% of our molds can be used with the this new machine. We count more than 3 500 molds availables for your project at your convenience or we can also build your custom  mold, according to your specifications.


cnc metal spinning


Among our Metal Spinning Center we have a machinery center and painting facility to produce different custom finishes like finest patinas and extremely durable catalyzed urethane paint, suitable for exterior.


finish in metal spinning


With the CNC metal spin process you can get competitive prototype cost, adapt the quantity of production at your needs and times, get better control in precision dimension and also adapt to diferent metals.

At Le Lampiste, the metal process of spinning is one of our specialities, we have been transforming metal by this method for more than 40 years.

Now, our know-how is at your disposal. For any question contact-us today!